Delivering sales and service engagement, efficiencies and a new customer experience for the UKs pioneering shared workspace business

The Client

The Office Group (TOG) is the pioneer of the shared workspace concept in the UK. From its launch if a single space in 2003, it now boasts 33 prime locations with fabulous buildings, spaces and facilities for their tenants and members. In an increasingly competitive landscape and with the growth of digital savvy clientele; TOG sought to build the enterprise capability needed to drive efficiency and customer experience, whilst aggressively expanding their portfolio of locations.

PopcornApps worked closely with TOG to choose a platform that could run their sales and operations, integrate with property management solutions, as well as provide the extensibility needed to create dynamic and engaging customer experiences. Salesforce was chosen as the preferred platform for TOGs future roadmap.

The Challenge

The real estate business is unlike any other in that there is no standard product. Each space, whether it’s an office, meeting room or event venue is unique in its attributes and is subject to varying levels of bespoke alteration requirements from clients.

Agents and brokers are a big part of the real estate industry and many deals are done by them on behalf of clients who choose to remain anonymous until advanced stages of the sales process. In the business of managed spaces this complexity increases as various add-on products and services are combined into tenancy contracts.

The Solution

PopcornApps implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud and CPQ using the Clicks not Code philosophy to the greatest extent possible. Only essential minimum customizations were used to cater to the unique needs of managing the inventory, availability and pricing of offices and spaces.

The implementation involved the full Lead to Cash cycle for nine different products, the creation of a comprehensive 360-degree view of 7,000 accounts and 30,000 contacts, lead generation via over 100 real-estate brokers, and integration with property management, billing and accounting systems.

The Results

A single view of customer, orders, bookings and transactions now helps the management and staff at TOG get the complete picture of their business at a glance. Sales and Service productivity has improved by 200%, lead response effectiveness by over 1000%, lead conversion by 23%, elapsed time from opportunity to contract is down by 30%, and most importantly the users love their shiny new Salesforce implementation.

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