The Office Group

With the best locations, beautifully designed buildings and an unbeatable level of service, The Office Group (TOG) attracts London’s finest start-up businesses and established corporations alike. With a view to engage and connect the rich and varied talent within their 33 buildings, TOG goes the extra mile to create a sense of community and the opportunity for interaction within its physical spaces.
From events and workshops to parties and impromptu fun; being a TOG member has some amazing perks.


Who was that person I met at lunch yesterday?
Where can I find a graphic designer?
What best practices should I follow for information security?
How do I increase the reach of my network?
Can the community give us some feedback on our new website?

These are all questions that are asked at TOG every day.

In response, PopcornApps created a series of initiatives to help TOG extend their award-winning office experiences into the Digital space.


PopcornApps developed the TOG Community App which brings together 12,000 TOG members with over 50,000 unique skills across 33 different locations.

The app includes a social media styled directory to explore people and their skills, a global search feature to find exactly what a member is looking for, a connect and chat feature to reach out and communicate, and a benefits and promotions section where members can avail of scores of TOG benefits and promote their own offers.


The app offers TOG endless possibilities in engaging their community and helping each and every member discover the joys and benefits of working in a TOG space.

Through this mobile platform and the underlying CRM capabilities, TOG can now deliver a whole range of new experiences that connect their physical real estate with digital lives of their clients.

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