Lightning Migration of Knowledge Articles for a Fortune 50 Giant


PopcornApps migrated Salesforce Knowledge Articles to Lightning for a Fortune 50 company – a pioneer in the manufacture of microprocessors and one of the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturers with employees in 46 countries.

The Challenge

The client’s Salesforce Classic Knowledge Base was customized to support 3000+ products and 12000+ articles in 11 languages, with both external and internal users trying to access the knowledge base to resolve cases and product issues. Salesforce data migration efforts focused heavily on moving from a Classic ‘Article Type’ to Lightning ‘Record Type’ data model along with customizations made to the objects to maintain product hierarchies and articles associated with them. Specific challenges included:

  • Visualforce pages and JavaScript buttons on Service Cloud instance prevented easy switch to Lightning
  • Salesforce Knowledge Base Lightning conversion was in parallel to Service Cloud Lightning migration
  • The roll-out was to happen at the same time to minimize impact on call centers and so that there could be a seamless Lightning experience for all the support agents across different regions.

The Solution

The client needed a partner who could transition this customized Knowledge base to Lightning smoothly and efficiently, with as little disruption as possible to internal and external customers - someone who could understand their business processes and integration to back-end systems.

PopcornApps was chosen for its expertise in the Salesforce Knowledge Base and Salesforce Lightning Platform. We carefully designed and developed a migration plan that leveraged the available Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool. We implemented the customizations needed to enhance the user experience and maintain business continuity concurrently. The solution leverages Integrations with MuleSoft & Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for external knowledge users and integrates with Service cloud for internal users.

Along with Articles migration, Custom elements, VF Page conversion, JavaScript buttons – Lightning components and quick actions were part of the scope.

The Benefits

  • Reusability: Application is now based on configurable elements with drag and drop reusable Lightning components.
  • Simplification:  Simplified code base using Lightning-specific features to create global actions, compact layouts, case path and wave dashboards for agents.
  • Streamlined processes: Lightning features like guided action lists to help agents launch specific customer service workflows and keep track of each step of the process.
  • Efficiency: Guided flow to create/edit Articles. A simplified process to display internal notification alerts to agents in console by building a highly configurable declarative solution.
  • Reduction of Technical debt: With complete conversion to Lightning components, Visualforce pages, components and JavaScript buttons were all made redundant and the associated codebase could be deleted.


Our solution and implementation provided benefits specific to the client's business and made the transition a seamless experience. Some tangible and wide-ranging benefits below:

  • 1000+ users with a faster, more seamless experience thanks to a smoother and more intuitive UI.
  • More than 30% efficiency in first time resolution of cases. Business process optimization for approvals, keyword searches and article suggestions.
  • 12K Articles, 502K Article Versions, 337K Article-Case associations, 529K Data Category/Product associations and 11 languages – all migrated to Lightning
  • 35 reusable custom Lightning components with plug and play development process
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