Interactive Entertainment

Go90 is Verizon's lateral route to deliver exclusive rich media content to subscribers. The content included music, sports and live streaming of events. Verizon selected PopcornApps to develop the go90 website and build an enterprise grade content management system to deliver the go90 offering, as well as integrate the go90 user journey into the Salesforce CRM platform for customer service.

State-of-the-Art Content Delivery

We implemented Drupal Content Management to deliver a high-performance content delivery backend for the vast variety of content types and formats that the go90 Digital channels require. Using Drupal’s best of breed content management; media could be organised, tagged, scheduled and published by content curators, partner channels and third party feeds directly to the website, app or any other Digital Channel for consumption by Verizon subscribers.

Seamless Support and Service Integration

We used Salesforce to provide online and agent-based support to subscribers. go90 subscribers can access self-help support assets from any page on the website, as well raise cases that get routed to customer service agents. All subscriber interactions with self-help assets, knowledge base articles and every case raised by them is stored in the customer’s interaction history, helping build a true customer 360 view and deliver stringent service levels and accurate management level reporting.

Multi-channel Experiences

The design of the front-end website and go90 app, both powered by a unified content and CRM platform, allows subscribers to seamlessly switch between the app and the website to view and share content. Content can be shared by a subscriber via the app using messaging, email or social platforms and the recipient is able to interact with the content even if they don’t have the app downloaded on their devices.

Making the complex seem simple

Our primary objective, from the inception of the go90 programme, was create the simplest and most elegant subscriber experience possible. To this end, we brought together complex business processes, various support and service teams, content aggregators, curators and 3rd party providers on to best-of-breed content and CRM platforms to deliver highly available and interactive Digital experiences for go90’s subscribers.

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