Perfect Weddings provides a one-stop shop to help couples find, plan and buy their dream wedding. From researching venues, customizing packages and managing the event, provides it all. Behind the scenes, scores of registered suppliers and vendors work to make weddings possible. From the layout of the venue, catering and entertainment down to the color of the ribbon on the wedding cake, every detail is planned, coordinated, managed to make the perfect wedding a reality. With its business growing at an unprecedented scale, EverAfter turned to PopcornApps to develop the next generation of systems that run their business.


We brought together wedding planning, event logistics, travel and honeymoon destinations onto one platform as a marketplace for all vendors. Using the Perfect Match™ platform from, which Popcornapps built; couples, venues, and staff can manage every aspect of the wedding down the finest detail. Planners define and design the wedding and everything it, vendors bid for and are selected to provide products and services for the hundreds of different items needed for the wedding, the couple or their agents approve arrangements and manage the budget. The Perfect Match marketplace is the ultimate one-stop solution for wedding planners.

Uncharted Territory

The legacy platforms at EverAfter posed a major challenge to the development of the marketplace platform. Legacy technologies, custom processes from several years ago, and little or no documentation meant that every requirement and every user interaction need to be done grounds up. We were in hitherto uncharted territory. Using the Popcornapps approach of user journey driven process and system mapping, we put the architecture and process blueprint in place. We then implemented the complete solution on SaaS platforms. Using for sales and marketing, Sugar CRM for vendor management, and NetSuite as the business backend, our teams developed and deployed a seamless solution that is accessed through a simple and elegant user and administration interface.

100% Cloud

Great experiences are driven by great platforms. Faced with the need to migrate all of the supporting legacy systems to newer technology, we chose to go with a 100% Cloud-based approach. Starting with CRM on, we built Vendor and Supplier Management on Sugar CRM and finally implemented the complete back-office ERP and supporting functions on NetSuite. In the process, we have helped EverAfter build their business on a best of breed solution, that is easy to manage and will scale with their business.

Happy EverAfter

The PopcornApps implementation of, SugarCRM and NetSuite gives EverAfter a massive competitive advantage in providing their customers with the highest levels of service and importantly the ability to constantly view the progress of their wedding arrangements. Advanced sales and marketing capabilities make segmenting, targeting, personalization and conversion a breeze. A full-fledged marketplace brings together thousands of suppliers in over 100 categories of products and services. A complete ERP and back office solutions make enterprise planning, resource and financial management, supplier management, and management reporting easier than ever before. A global leader in the Weddings business - Happy EverAfter.
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