Airlines Webinar to Improve the UX with Chatbots

Thu, Sep 12 2019 30 mins

Join the Indra & PopcornApps team for the session on Conversational AI template and use cases for Airlines.

With more than 3 billion users worldwide, messaging platforms have become a key customer engagement tool for businesses; For airlines, it is no different. Relevant and timely messaging interactions provide a degree of convenience for all customers – be the highest tier frequent flyer or the infrequent traveler who values price over loyalty to any single airline. App fatigue is also a key factor – data shows a steep decline in new app downloads in a general “decluttering” trend.
Global airlines and airports are hence adopting AI-driven chatbot services at a rapid pace.

In this webinar, we will provide an overview of how you can deploy a feature-rich conversational AI solution covering both pre-booking and post-booking scenarios. Pre-integrated to Amadeus and Sabre, deployment can be accomplished in less than 4 weeks.

We’ll demonstrate a live bot and showcase relevant structured and natural language user scenarios - Search, Book, Check-in, and proactive notifications. We will also discuss how employee productivity gains can be achieved by providing relevant functionality to ease the burden on Gate Agents, Premium Services reps, and Call Center agents.

Join us to envision how a Conversational AI bot can provide a measurable return in less than 3 months when deployed and publicized over popular messaging platforms.

Better customer engagement should just be a message away

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Presented by:

Samvit Raina
Strategy Lead, PopcornApps Inc.

Sergio Rodeño
Airlines Presales Manager at Indra Minsait

Maria Selvi
Airlines Senior Consultant at Indra Minsait