Enabling Digital

Institutionalize innovation. Tap into creativity, expertise and knowledge. Our strategy and design services accelerate technology-enabled digital transformation.

Enterprise Mobility

Mobile unleashes new levels of possibility for enterprises, creating unprecedented opportunity to engage, interact, listen, and improve. Whether you deliver a mobile experience via apps, websites, or wearables; mobile engagement creates experiences that are in the context of your users actions and provides instant outcomes. Every user journey, every scenario, and every use case in your business can be mobilized, and should be. We've worked across scores of mobility projects for all manner of businesses, and the results have been fascinating.

Cloud Enablement

Cloud Enablement PopcornApps cloud implementation services help businesses leverage the cloud for digital transformation. We extend strategy and design support to both custom application development and SaaS implementation projects. When you partner with us, our experts conduct assessment and discovery workshops to review your existing systems and to understand your business goals. We then prepare, present and implement a implementation, migration, or optimization plan for your cloud deployment.

AI & Chatbots

PopcornApps offers enterprises a quick, scalable entry into the conversational era. We can build, train, and deploy chatbots for any use case or channel. Companies can use our pre-built templates and our AI and machine learning expertise to turn human requests and system data into conversations quickly. We help you define your chatbot concept, bot personality and tone of voice. Our team assists you with the evaluation and selection of a channel/platform, design of conversational architecture, dialog flows, story-boarding and prototyping.

Application Development

Every now and then we meet clients who need something very specific that is best addressed through a bespoke development project. We work with a variety of technologies, programming languages, databases and frameworks to craft answers to these specific needs. We are fortunate to have some amazing developer talent at PopcornApps and using an agile development approach we are able to deliver results very quickly.


Building an IoT application can be tough and risky. PopcornApps’ IoT Consulting Services are designed to help you build and deploy enterprise-grade connected device solutions quickly and effectively. We can support all your IoT consulting needs from concept validation to commercialization. We can support your IoT project at any stage – whether you’re just getting started or have existing IoT challenges to overcome. Our IoT experts will assist you with road-map creation, and selection of hardware, technology stack and platform.
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