Mobilize Your Business

Intensify customer connect. Improve Employee Engagement. We can mobilize any workflow or usecase and can deliver these on mobile via browser, app, bot or wearable device.

We 'Get' Mobile

We think of mobile as a medium of interaction and delivery that spans your business. The heart of what we do lies in taking your core business offerings and capabilities and enabling them on mobile. We know that a mobile app or a mobile site in itself is just one part of the solution, and that the key to a successful realization of mobile strategy lies in enabling, orchestrating and exposing your core enterprise capabilities to engage your users on a plethora of devices.

Design + Tech

At PopcornApps we see design and technology as inseparable, which is why we've created a one stop service that blends user experience and visual design with development an technology. Our services sit at the intersection of device, design, data and development.

Mobile Commerce

Commerce on mobile is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for most consumers. We build full functionality commerce and shopping apps for our clients that feature the latest in design and technology.

Employee Mobility

Employee facing mobile solutions provide immense opportunity to increase productivity, streamline operations and improve customer service. We deliver mobile solutions for businesses that have either standardized on a mobile platform, or operate a BYOD policy.

Going 'Phygital'

We're big on how the physical world and mobile technology can come together to create fabulous experiences. Increasingly, the realization in all industries is that online and mobile tech will need to co-exist will the physical dimension in which humans live and work everyday. Using mapping services, indoor location technology like Beacons and Estimotes, cameras, NFC technology, and device specific technology we create unique mobile solutions that allow your users to discover and engage with your physical assets.
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