Art of Code

Bespoke Engineering. Customizing technology to business needs. We have amazing talent that can work with a variety of technologies, and frameworks to craft bespoke solutions.

Full Stack Development

When building custom applications ground-up, nothing beats the speed and versatility of a team of capable full stack developers. We place great emphasis on our teams having familiarity, preferably mastery, in multiple layers of technology. This allows us to work in accelerated timescales with little communication and coordination overhead.

Enterprise Orchestration

We help our clients develop available, scalable and resilient integrations that are platform agnostic. Be it integrating in-house systems via services, exposing capabilities to customers and partners via API management, or independently deployable micro-services architectures; well designed services are the unseen orchestrator of every successful enterprise.

Innovation through Automation

Automation is a big thing at PopcornApps, and is built into all the projects we do. From driving repeatability, increasing testing efficiency, to accelerating deployment cycles; automation is a necessity for rapidly evolving businesses. We use a combination of tools and code to deliver an optimum level of automation to every application we build.

Insights with Analytics

The feedback loop is the single most important element of continuous improvement. Across the technical, functional and performance aspects of applications we use analytics to show us where we can improve and innovate. We also provide standalone enterprise analytics using industry grade Business Intelligence and Data Visualization products.

Support and Sustenance

We like to say that there is no such thing as 'final release'. Our support services ensure that the applications we build continue perform as expected across their infrastructure, technology and functionality. Our application sustenance model provides a flexible and cost effective way to keep adding new features and enhancements to keep your applications ahead of the competition.
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