Transformation with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure offers a fully integrated suite of technologies and platforms to support digital enterprise transformation. We use Azure capabilities to develop digital solutions that deliver high-performance outcomes for your business. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and use Azure technology to provide a holistic set of services

Azure App Development

We leverage Microsoft development tools including Visual Studio, Azure SQL, Azure Identity & Security, and Azure Storage to develop high-performance websites, mobile applications, and enterprise apps and services. We specialize in enterprise app development with unlimited scale.

Azure Machine Learning

PopcornApps uses Azure Machine Learning - Workbench, Experimentation Service, Model Management Service, and Visual Studio Code Tools for AI, to help unlock the potential of your business. From customer data and inventory management to pricing, we have the Machine Learning expertise to find answers to questions that haven’t even been formulated yet.

Azure Cognitive Services

From customer experience channels to supplier management and employee productivity, there is now the opportunity to infuse your channels with intelligent algorithms that automate tasks and handle queries on your behalf. PopcornApps specializes in building bots and virtual agents on instant messaging and voice chat.

We leverage NLP, location services, text to voice, voice to text, translation services, and CRM to create the most intuitive and personalized bots.

Bridging the gap between technology & humans

We focus on real-world applications of AI. Through targeted and expert use of AI at enterprises, we enhance customer experience and employee productivity.

Visit our AI competency page to learn more.

Featured Work & Solutions

We let our work speak


Transform the traveler experience
Bots can enhance customer and employee engagement in the airline industry.


UK Rail
A chatbot that creates an immersive and engaging travel experience for UK Rail customers.


Microsoft Retail Experience Center
A mobility solution to help store staff improve customer interaction.


Why chatbots are the future not only for customer experience but also for productivity.


Indian Railways
A smart, accessible bot that uses messaging platforms to provide an engaging UI for customers


Airline Chatbot
Enhance your customer and employee engagement with our versatile Airline Chatbot
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