Plancorp launches next gen wealth management platform using Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

Customer Profile

Plancorp - a $4Billion wealth management firm headquartered in St. Louis, MO, specializes in financial planning for individuals, households and businesses.

Founded in 1983, Plancorp has spent the last three decades helping individuals, families and business owners achieve financial independence. Plancorp also has the distinction of being one of the nation’s first registered investment advisors to become certified by the center for fiduciary excellence in 2007. Recently, Plancorp partnered with Brightplan, a fintech company which launched digital advisory platform. Plancorp will serve Brightplan’s higher value customers with a live advisor, thereby augmenting the “Robo-advisor” component of the business.

The Need

Plancorp’s success lies in putting their clients’ interest ahead of their own. Keeping in view the various needs of new generation clients, Plancorp has embarked on a digital transformation program. With this program Plancorp is building a relationship and trust-based platform for both advisors and clients to collaborate and execute on financial goals. The foundation of this platform was launched in 18 weeks on Salesforce Lightning and Financial Services cloud.

The Solution

PopcornApps delivers on the promise of financial services cloud for Plancorp.

Plancorp articulated the vision of the new wealth management platform, the desired client experience and advisor productivity to be achieved through the new platform. In selecting a partner to design and build the new platform, one of the key considerations was time-to-market. PopcornApps was chosen based on execution capabilities, demonstrated agility, design strength and stellar customer references.

The Approach

The team from PopcornApps hit the ground running and was able to create a fit-gap analysis which mapped Plancorp’s existing business process to Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC). This analysis was articulated through client and advisor journey maps for the new system. In the spirit of collaboration, both Plancorp and PopcornApps team jointly re-defined business processes and mapped the existing data model to the Salesforce FSC data model in order to leverage the full power of FSC. The entire implementation took 18 weeks, which included designing, building, migrating data, testing, training and deploying into production.

The Benefits

The new platform provides the ability for Advisors to nurture and convert leads into opportunities and accounts and complete the entire on-boarding process of the client on the unified platform which integrates with third party providers like brokers, banks and other elements of the financial services eco-system.

Salesforce Classic to Lightning in a Flash.

How a 130 year old insurer insures its business systems for the future.


Looking to harness the benefits of the Salesforce Lightning Platform, this leading US Insurance Business commissioned PopcornApps to migrate their customized Salesforce org to Lightning. Using Flash, our purpose-built automated Classic to Lightning conversion solution, the PopcornApps team migrated the client’s Sales Cloud and Service Cloud customizations to Salesforce Lightning in 12 weeks flat!

Client Context

A 130-year-old Insurance business, providing traditional life and critical illness cover. The company serves individuals and small-medium businesses in the middle-income segment. A Salesforce powered business since 2012, the Client had customized both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to a considerable extent.


Like most other businesses that have customized Visual Force pages and components, the Client recognized the obvious benefits of moving their Salesforce Org to Lightning but were faced with a daunting overhead in developer time and effort to migrate their customizations. Moving to Lightning would allow the Client to instantly enhance application look & feel, gain significant workforce productivity improvement, and leverage new ‘Lightning Only’ features being released by Salesforce.


Enter Flash!

Flash is a one-of-a-kind solution that automates the conversion of Visual Force customizations to Lightning components. Typically, Flash can achieve Lightning conversion with 68% savings on developer time and effort.

With its powerful, intuitive IDE that connects directly into Salesforce instances, Flash provides a granular line-by-line, component-by-component analysis of Salesforce customizations. Flash then converts these customizations to Lightning ready styles and to native Lightning objects at the click of a button; calling out any code that requires developer intervention.

PopcornApps’ specialist Lightning migration team used Flash to conduct an analysis of the Client’s Salesforce Org, recommended and agreed architectural and UI adjustments to the application, and used Flash to convert to Lightning.


Stunning! If we may say so ourselves. 60% savings in cost and the migration completed, integration tested and deployed in just 12 weeks.

Empowering Support

One of the largest Fortune 50 hi-tech companies in the world with more than 8,000 products in over 1,000 categories, they needed to provide support to businesses and individuals the world over. They chose PopcornApps to re-engineer its support processes and online knowledge base, and we delivered a powerful enterprise solution built on The implementation of the online knowledge base serves customers directly through the global Support Website as well as agents in their worldwide contact centers.

Process Re-engineered

We customized the Service platform to meet their unique needs of providing document and knowledge management across the business. Serving up brochures, FAQ, Self Help guides, technical specifications, and much moral; our implementation of Salesforce enables support functions and self-service websites to seamlessly access all product knowledge assets within their portfolio.

Many Clouds · One Service

With asset information residing on multiple asset management systems on disparate public and private cloud solutions, we created a unified solution by implementing an all-encompassing Cloud-based service bus which orchestrates the authoring, management, and delivery of content across channels and platforms.

No Limits

The Knowledge Base programme presented unique challenges to solve. From extending the 500 category limit on Salesforce to making several other modifications to core systems, we architected and deployed a future proof solution that allows them to scale and upgrade its implementation without being encumbered by the modifications to the core platforms.

Migration & Deployment

Once we had the new platform in place, we were faced with the daunting prospect of migrating giant document libraries from the older source platforms. With the use of widgets and automation, we successfully migrated and deployed over 15,000 assets in 8 different languages to the new platform.

Entertainment Omnibus

Go90 was Verizon's lateral route to broadcast rich media content to its subscribers. The go90 app-enabled these subscribers to watch, cut and share the digital content. PopcornApps was selected to develop the home of the go90 offerings and integrate the go90 support assets to the backend support activities.

A collage of entertainment content

With a plethora of content available to be showcased on the gateway site of Go90, we helped to implement the meta-structure on Drupal-based content management system to show up the trendy go90 website for Verizon explaining the services, features and support information.

Salesforce at its best

Visualforce platform by Salesforce was stretched to its limits and customized to provide a visually appealing and responsive support pages for the user community. This was also provided by integrating the end user feedback management process into the salesforce based reporting.

Always accessible content

The process of users sharing content with friends on the social network was used as entry point for new users to view the content. If friends do not have the Go90 app then it can be viewed on the website where it can push the suggestion to download the app as well.

Simplifying the complexities

The process of users sharing content with friends on social network was used as entry point for new users to view the content. If friends do not have the Go90 app then it can be viewed on the website where it can push the suggestion to download the app as well.

Journey Planning with Bots

Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to transform the transportation services industry. Conversational AI solutions will be leading this transformation as they leverage both mobile and messaging, the two mainstays of our always-on, connected world.
Indian Rail Add Indian Railways bot to your  Add Bot to Skypeor Facebook Messenger


Millions of passengers who use Indian Railways.

The Indian Railways (IR) operates trains on 66,000 kms of track to carry its 23 million passengers (per day) to 7000+ destinations across the country.

PopcornApps has been making efforts to accelerate AI-led digital transformation in different industries. As part of which, we looked at how AI solutions can help Indian Railways provide on-demand engagement plus a superior customer experience to its passengers.

The Opportunity

Passengers need information on schedules, fares, platform allocations, etc. besides online ticketing services to plan their journeys. Indian Railways provides access to both information and ticketing services via digital support channels (contact center, app, website) and offline support channels (help desk, platform staff, electronic departure screens).

Still, the travel planning experience is not as simple and convenient as it should be. We believe growing app fatigue, poor UX of the ticketing site on mobile, and rising popularity of messaging apps offer an opportunity to enable better efficiencies, experiences, and engagements for train travelers. Something chatbots can accomplish.

With bots, user adoption is a non-issue. Over a billion people already using messenger apps will be able to access them easily. Growing app fatigue too works in bot’s favor. Given the scenario, adding bots to the existing customer support mix will soon be essential.

The Solution

The solution must offer a simpler, more engaging UX than one currently delivered on site/app. And, we believe Chatbots are ideal. They can deliver engaging and personalized travel experiences to millions at an affordable cost. Mobile and Messaging are the most popular technologies today. And, chatbots lie at the confluence of these two platforms.

We proceeded to act on our belief. We leveraged our expertise in AI and Microsoft technologies to build a powerful Chatbot. Our intent was to demonstrate to Indian Railways Community how chatbots deliver a more immersive and engaging travel experience while positively impacting the entire IR system.

The Potential Impacts

The bot is currently active. Over 100K users have already interacted with the IR chatbot since its launch in late 2016 and the usage is showing month-on-month growth. The potential audience for the chatbot is a whopping 23 million passengers/day.

Most of these commuters already seek information and ticketing services via desktop or mobile channels as is seen from the 1 million+ visits the ticketing site receives daily, and the 5 lakhs+ tickets booked on the portal each day.

Roadmap for the Future

We will seek a partnership with Indian Railways to enable more self-service use cases and to reduce the need for a handover to other ticketing/support channels to fulfil user intent (example, enabling bookings with Facebook payments).

We will also define and track KPIs for each defined user intent. By tracking KPIs, we will uncover errors and optimization opportunities that will help us keep our chatbot on track for success.

Travel planning with bots

Your Daily Commute Is About To Get Better

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the transportation services industry. Conversational AI solutions are at the forefront of this transformation as they embrace the most popular technologies of our times: Mobile and Messaging.

Customer Profile

Millions of passengers who use UK Rail services.

UK National Rail is a public transportation services giant operating about 29,000 passenger trains on 21,000 miles of track. Each day, 2.5 million passengers use their services across 2500+ destinations in the UK.

PopcornApps has accelerated AI-led digital transformation in several industries, and it has done the same for the UK National Rail. Equipped with experience and technology, PopcornApps created intelligent chatbots that provides an on-demand customer engagement; thereby improving the experience for passengers.

The Opportunity

UK Rail passengers look for information on journey planning, fares, train status updates, and platform allocations. The network enables access to such information via digital channels (mobile apps, website) and other support channels like (Contact center help desk, platform staff, electronic departure screens etc.)

However, travelers often experience frustration in getting information quickly. For example, they have to rely on electronic departure screens for information on platform allocations. Clearly, customer experience on these channels can be greatly improved. And, we’ve done just that.

With bots, user adoption is also a non-issue. Over a billion people are already using messenger apps and have easy access to bots. Growing app fatigue is also a factor and using bots is as easy as adding a contact

The Solution

Clearly, the travel planning and commute experience for UK Rail passengers can be simpler and more convenient. We think advances in AI and the rising popularity of mobile and messaging apps present an opportunity to add a more engaging and efficient digital support channel to the UK Rail customer service mix.

We leveraged our expertise in Microsoft bot framework to build a powerful AI-driven chatbot solution. Making the UK Rail bot deliver an immersive and engaging travel experience while positively impacting the entire UK Rail system and stakeholders.

The Potential Impacts

Intelligent Engagement: More importantly, the UK Rail bot dramatically improves the customer experience, through its ability to understand conversations and respond in spoken English. Passengers can hereafter plan their journey better from their preferred messenger app by exchanging a few simple text messages with the bot.

Convenience: Passengers that use the UK Rail bot don’t have to rely on departure screens for allocation information. Because, the bot will send proactive notifications to passengers with the platform allocation and departure time minutes before their scheduled journey. Passengers can also plan their travel better through these proactive notifications of their respective trains to and from their work place or homes by using the UK Rail bot.

Contextual Conversations: PopcornApps has further ensured that the UK Rail bot provides contextually relevant conversations to its users by applying principles of Machine Learning. And as part of Machine Learning, we’ve trained the UK Rail bot to provide better information to its users through an image input. For example, passengers can take pictures of their tickets to find out travel restrictions of the fare purchased, thereby letting them plan their trips better.

Better Productivity: Chatbot deployment also increases contact center staff productivity and decreases support costs as simpler requests will be met through self-service; thereby allowing agents to focus on servicing complex requests.

Roadmap for the Future

PopcornApps will continue to add more self-service use cases and to reduce the need for a handover to other support channels for fulfilling user intent.

Furthermore, it will define and track KPIs for each user intent and look for errors and optimization opportunities to keep the chatbot on track for success.

PopcornApps also believes that going further, the UK Rail bot will inspire others in the travel services sector to adopt conversational AI for a superior customer experience.

Perfect Weddings provides a one-stop shop to help couples find, plan and buy their dream wedding. From researching venues, customizing packages and managing the event, provides it all. Behind the scenes, scores of registered suppliers and vendors work to make weddings possible. From the layout of the venue, catering and entertainment down to the color of the ribbon on the wedding cake, every detail is planned, coordinated, managed to make the perfect wedding a reality. With its business growing at an unprecedented scale, EverAfter turned to PopcornApps to develop the next generation of systems that run their business.


We brought together wedding planning, event logistics, travel and honeymoon destinations onto one platform as a marketplace for all vendors. Using the Perfect Match™ platform from, which Popcornapps built; couples, venues, and staff can manage every aspect of the wedding down the finest detail. Planners define and design the wedding and everything it, vendors bid for and are selected to provide products and services for the hundreds of different items needed for the wedding, the couple or their agents approve arrangements and manage the budget. The Perfect Match marketplace is the ultimate one-stop solution for wedding planners.

Uncharted Territory

The legacy platforms at EverAfter posed a major challenge to the development of the marketplace platform. Legacy technologies, custom processes from several years ago, and little or no documentation meant that every requirement and every user interaction need to be done grounds up. We were in hitherto uncharted territory. Using the Popcornapps approach of user journey driven process and system mapping, we put the architecture and process blueprint in place. We then implemented the complete solution on SaaS platforms. Using for sales and marketing, Sugar CRM for vendor management, and NetSuite as the business backend, our teams developed and deployed a seamless solution that is accessed through a simple and elegant user and administration interface.

100% Cloud

Great experiences are driven by great platforms. Faced with the need to migrate all of the supporting legacy systems to newer technology, we chose to go with a 100% Cloud-based approach. Starting with CRM on, we built Vendor and Supplier Management on Sugar CRM and finally implemented the complete back-office ERP and supporting functions on NetSuite. In the process, we have helped EverAfter build their business on a best of breed solution, that is easy to manage and will scale with their business.

Happy EverAfter

The PopcornApps implementation of, SugarCRM and NetSuite gives EverAfter a massive competitive advantage in providing their customers with the highest levels of service and importantly the ability to constantly view the progress of their wedding arrangements. Advanced sales and marketing capabilities make segmenting, targeting, personalization and conversion a breeze. A full-fledged marketplace brings together thousands of suppliers in over 100 categories of products and services. A complete ERP and back office solutions make enterprise planning, resource and financial management, supplier management, and management reporting easier than ever before. A global leader in the Weddings business - Happy EverAfter.

Interactive Retail

Microsoft's retail partner development programs are constantly finding new ways to create better customer engagement across Microsoft Stores and 3rd party retailers. With a view to providing retail store staff with the latest information and advice on products, layouts, trends, and offers; Microsoft selected Popcornapps to develop a mobility solution for store staff that would help them provide the greatest customer interaction possible.

Mobile In Store

Using Bluetooth, NFC, QR code and contactless sign-in capabilities of smartphone and tablet devices, the Microsoft Retail Experience app creates a virtual layout of the store environment where physical tags lead the user to digital touchpoints on the app. Users can scan items to see more information, and search for items on the app to find them in store. Interactive layouts provide detailed store guides for staff to setup their shelves and displays per recommended guidelines.

Flexible Layouts

Store layouts and product display is a complex science. Using the app staff are able to adapt their physical layouts, as well as alter layouts to receive dynamic recommendations for best positioning and reach.

Syndicated Content

Videos, product reviews, service information and supporting material are all made available through a single interface. Users can pull up any and all information available for a product; including pricing, bundling, offers, availability, and promotions to provide customers with answers to every question.

The Office Group

With the best locations, beautifully designed buildings and an unbeatable level of service, The Office Group (TOG) attracts London’s finest start-up businesses and established corporations alike. With a view to engage and connect the rich and varied talent within their 30 buildings, TOG goes the extra mile to create a sense of community and the opportunity for interaction within its physical spaces.
From events and workshops to parties and impromptu fun; being a TOG member has some amazing perks.


Who was that person I met at lunch yesterday?
Where can I find a graphic designer?
What best practices should I follow for information security?
How do I increase the reach of my network?
Can the community give us some feedback on our new website?

These are all questions that are asked at TOG every day.
In response, PopcornApps created a series of initiatives to help TOG extend their award-winning office experiences into the Digital space.


PopcornApps developed the TOG Community App which brings together 12,000 TOG members with over 50,000 unique skills across 30 different locations.

The app includes a social media styled directory to explore people and their skills, a global search feature to find exactly what a member is looking for, a connect and chat feature to reach out and communicate, and a benefits and promotions section where members can avail of scores of TOG benefits and promote their own offers.


The app offers TOG endless possibilities in engaging their community and helping each and every member discover the joys and benefits of working in a TOG space.

Through this mobile platform and the underlying CRM capabilities, TOG can now deliver a whole range of new experiences that connect their physical real estate with digital lives of their clients.

Beauty Entourage

Beauty Entourage is a leading specialist styling and make up provider. For over 10 years, Beauty Entourage stylists have provided services to individuals and groups at weddings; catering to a discerning clientele and delivering the highest levels of consistency and reliability in the business. With demand for their stylists growing and bookings coming in from all of the U.S.; Beauty Entourage tasked PopcornApps with providing a solution that could run their business.
The answer was a solution that allows their clients to describe their desired styling and book appointments, matches customer orders with stylists, helps stylists manage their appointments, and gives the Beauty Entourage management team the perfect visibility and control over their business.

More Than Skin Deep

Using a slick mobile app to collect details of client's location, profile, physical attributes, desired style, and individual preferences; we use a clever matching algorithm to find available stylists that are best suited to deliver that fabulous look. Whether it's for the bride, the bridesmaids, or the guests; clients can select an artist of their choice and make a booking in a few simple steps. Booking for a group? No problem! We take everyone's preferences to give you best options for stylists and artists that match your needs.

Work On The Go

With hundreds of weddings and events across different venues and cities, Beauty Entourage stylists and artists have a demanding schedule. Using the very same app used by their clients, artists and stylists are now able to take appointments, view their calendar, and review their client's preferences on the go. Once their assignments are completed they can 'cash out' their clients by accepting payments through the app; paying individually, as a group, split or share the bill; the app caters for it all.

Single View Of The Business

Using a responsive web based platform we give the Beauty Entourage management team the ability to veiw and manage the business in real time. From client bookings, to artist schedules, billing, and feedback; it all comes together in a sleek interactive dashboard.
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