Mobilize Your Business

Intensify customer connect. Improve Employee Engagement. We can mobilize any workflow or usecase and can deliver these on mobile via browser, app, bot or wearable device.

We 'Get' Mobile

We think of mobile as a medium of interaction and delivery that spans your business. The heart of what we do lies in taking your core business offerings and capabilities and enabling them on mobile. We know that a mobile app or a mobile site in itself is just one part of the solution, and that the key to a successful realization of mobile strategy lies in enabling, orchestrating and exposing your core enterprise capabilities to engage your users on a plethora of devices.

Design + Tech

At PopcornApps we see design and technology as inseparable, which is why we've created a one stop service that blends user experience and visual design with development an technology. Our services sit at the intersection of device, design, data and development.

Mobile Commerce

Commerce on mobile is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for most consumers. We build full functionality commerce and shopping apps for our clients that feature the latest in design and technology.

Employee Mobility

Employee facing mobile solutions provide immense opportunity to increase productivity, streamline operations and improve customer service. We deliver mobile solutions for businesses that have either standardized on a mobile platform, or operate a BYOD policy.

Going 'Phygital'

We're big on how the physical world and mobile technology can come together to create fabulous experiences. Increasingly, the realization in all industries is that online and mobile tech will need to co-exist will the physical dimension in which humans live and work everyday. Using mapping services, indoor location technology like Beacons and Estimotes, cameras, NFC technology, and device specific technology we create unique mobile solutions that allow your users to discover and engage with your physical assets.

SaaS to the Future

The future enterprise is cloud-powered and SaaS enabled. We have a mature cloud practice. With us, no business is too complex nor any process too tough to implement on cloud.

Enabling Business

We work with several different SaaS providers to find the most suitable solutions for our customers. Our collective experience with enterprise applications and moving them to SaaS platforms means that we are able to provide optimal solutions and independent recommendations on platform choices that best suit your needs. We've delivered SaaS implementations and legacy to SaaS migrations to some of the biggest corporations in the world, meeting demanding requirements and service levels on the way. Across every function of your business, SaaS is the way.

Enterprise Wide

Our portfolio of SaaS services spans the modern enterprise. Our strength lies in being able to use our experience across industries to rapidly understand and grasp the uniqueness and complexities of your business, and adapt them to the target platform.

Clicks vs Code

Our philosophy with SaaS is always to configure wherever possible and customize only when needed. The in-depth knowledge our team has with the platforms we work on means, we are always able to give you the best advice and take the most appropriate decisions when it comes to configuration vs customization. There are however many scenarios in which we would recommend customizations and 'external' solutions to a 'pure' approach; these decisions are usually driven by the maturity of the target platform in certain areas and with a view to reduce the costs associated with subscriptions and user licensing.

Only The Best

We recognize that choosing any platform is a strategic decision with long term implications to your business, so while we are always testing new platforms, we are very particular about only using tried and tested providers for our enterprise clients.

Powered by research & innovation

Our researchers and architects have created rich solution assets to bring your chatbot use-cases to market quickly. We have created industry templates for Travel, Retail, Telecom, Employee Productivity and Customer Empowerment.

customer facing bots

  • UK Rail UK Rail Bot
  • Indian Rail Indian Railways

Enabling Employees

  • TOG The Office Group
  • BE Beauty Entourage

Our Chatbot templates can be adopted in three easy steps

Built for ease-of-use, scalability, and flexibility

We created industry and functionality specific templates which can be adopted for use across your employees, customers & partner channels.

Travel Industry

for Train operators & Airlines.

  • Web Check-in
  • Flight Status
  • Booking
  • Fares
  • Frequent Flyer Profile

Retail Industry

for product info, pricing, and eCommerce.

∙ Product Catalog
∙ Loyalty
∙ Merchandizing Authorization
∙ Inventory check for Customers & Store Personnel

Telecom Industry

for Wireless + Broadband operators.

∙ Pricing + Payments
∙ Troubleshoot Common Problems
∙ Account Management
∙ Customer Care

Employee Productivity

And reduce the need for training.

∙ Automate Business Process
∙ Personal Workplace Assistant
∙ Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer Empowerment

Hassel free Self-service.

∙ Book an appointment
∙ Reschedule an appointment
∙ Browse services
∙ FAQs

Enabling Internet of Things

Internet of Things. Powering the next wave of business transformation. We build connected device solutions that improve business efficiency, profitability, and adaptability.

IoT Consulting

We support all your IoT consulting needs from concept validation to commercialization. We can support your IoT project at any stage – whether you’re just getting started or have existing IoT challenges to overcome. Our IoT experts will assist you with road-map creation, and selection of hardware, technology stack and platform.

End-to-End IoT Implementation

We offer end-to-end product development that encompasses strategy, design, development, implementation, deployment and maintenance services. Incubating an IoT product can pose several challenges both on technology and design fronts. Partnering with a firm that specializes in IoT can help you mitigate incubation risks and evolve your product to meet market needs.

Scaling & Analytics

PopcornApps can support you at any stage of the product life-cycle. If your IoT project is facing scaling troubles or if the market imperatives demand new features, we can help. We analyze your current challenges and suggest architectural changes and feature additions that help you scale your product to new users. Just being connected is not enough. PopcornApps also helps you derive the best value from your IoT investments by providing analytics services.

Art of Code

Bespoke Engineering. Customizing technology to business needs. We have amazing talent that can work with a variety of technologies, and frameworks to craft bespoke solutions.

Full Stack Development

When building custom applications ground-up, nothing beats the speed and versatility of a team of capable full stack developers. We place great emphasis on our teams having familiarity, preferably mastery, in multiple layers of technology. This allows us to work in accelerated timescales with little communication and coordination overhead.

Enterprise Orchestration

We help our clients develop available, scalable and resilient integrations that are platform agnostic. Be it integrating in-house systems via services, exposing capabilities to customers and partners via API management, or independently deployable micro-services architectures; well designed services are the unseen orchestrator of every successful enterprise.

Innovation through Automation

Automation is a big thing at PopcornApps, and is built into all the projects we do. From driving repeatability, increasing testing efficiency, to accelerating deployment cycles; automation is a necessity for rapidly evolving businesses. We use a combination of tools and code to deliver an optimum level of automation to every application we build.

Insights with Analytics

The feedback loop is the single most important element of continuous improvement. Across the technical, functional and performance aspects of applications we use analytics to show us where we can improve and innovate. We also provide standalone enterprise analytics using industry grade Business Intelligence and Data Visualization products.

Support and Sustenance

We like to say that there is no such thing as 'final release'. Our support services ensure that the applications we build continue perform as expected across their infrastructure, technology and functionality. Our application sustenance model provides a flexible and cost effective way to keep adding new features and enhancements to keep your applications ahead of the competition.

Enabling Digital

Institutionalize innovation. Tap into creativity, expertise and knowledge. Our strategy and design services accelerate technology-enabled digital transformation.

Enterprise Mobility

Mobile unleashes new levels of possibility for enterprises, creating unprecedented opportunity to engage, interact, listen, and improve. Whether you deliver a mobile experience via apps, websites, or wearables; mobile engagement creates experiences that are in the context of your users actions and provides instant outcomes. Every user journey, every scenario, and every use case in your business can be mobilized, and should be. We've worked across scores of mobility projects for all manner of businesses, and the results have been fascinating.

Cloud Enablement

Cloud Enablement PopcornApps cloud implementation services help businesses leverage the cloud for digital transformation. We extend strategy and design support to both custom application development and SaaS implementation projects. When you partner with us, our experts conduct assessment and discovery workshops to review your existing systems and to understand your business goals. We then prepare, present and implement a implementation, migration, or optimization plan for your cloud deployment.

AI & Chatbots

PopcornApps offers enterprises a quick, scalable entry into the conversational era. We can build, train, and deploy chatbots for any use case or channel. Companies can use our pre-built templates and our AI and machine learning expertise to turn human requests and system data into conversations quickly. We help you define your chatbot concept, bot personality and tone of voice. Our team assists you with the evaluation and selection of a channel/platform, design of conversational architecture, dialog flows, story-boarding and prototyping.

Application Development

Every now and then we meet clients who need something very specific that is best addressed through a bespoke development project. We work with a variety of technologies, programming languages, databases and frameworks to craft answers to these specific needs. We are fortunate to have some amazing developer talent at PopcornApps and using an agile development approach we are able to deliver results very quickly.


Building an IoT application can be tough and risky. PopcornApps’ IoT Consulting Services are designed to help you build and deploy enterprise-grade connected device solutions quickly and effectively. We can support all your IoT consulting needs from concept validation to commercialization. We can support your IoT project at any stage – whether you’re just getting started or have existing IoT challenges to overcome. Our IoT experts will assist you with road-map creation, and selection of hardware, technology stack and platform.
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