SmartMOBILE for Utilities: An industry template for Electric, Gas and Water Utilities

September 4, 2015
Enterprise Mobility

At PopcornApps, our focus is on a few industry segments. For these industry segments, we build solutions to address a specific business objective or problem common to the industry. One of the segments in our focus area: Electric & Gas Utilities.

For Utility companies, we are proud to introduce our smartMOBILE for Utilities solution.  This solution provides 3 layers for a mobile application (Functional, Integration and Data), which work to deliver a comprehensive set of functionality to the customers’ smartphones.  For e.g. functions like ‘My Usage’, ‘Alerts & Notifications’, ‘Rate Plans & Goals’ are readily available to the customers. This solution allows for interactivity by enabling actionable alerts and notifications related to the customers’ usage patterns, outages or account related issues.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure and in particular, Smart meters, have become change agents for the customer relationships of a Utility company.  Smart meter deployments have reached a critical mass and continue to grow globally.  Utility companies fully expect to leverage smart meters to roll out energy efficiency programs –  Presenting usage related analytics to their customers has been a good start.  Most Utilities provide rich data to the customers over a Self-Care or Account Management web portal.  This is accomplished through a “Pull” mechanism i.e. the customer has to login and review information on a periodic basis.

PopcornApps’ smartMOBILE for Utilities solution increases the level of engagement a Utility company has with its customers by providing a “Push” approach to information delivery and completing the functional loop with response notifications back from the customers.  Such a response could be used to enroll the customer in a Dynamic Rate plan, Change the Alert threshold or simply provide more information.

Once deployed, this solution will drive adoption of the mobile app, thereby allowing Utility companies to gain a better handle on usage patterns, generate customer and regional usage profile, and ultimately offer valuable input into generation.

Samvit Raina
Samvit Raina
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